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What is the best way to shop?

We recommend either downloading our Fashion Ten app or joining our Facebook group. We post amazing deals on new boutique items every day! You can comment directly in the group during one of our live streams or add items to your cart via the app or website.

When do you go live?

We usually go live several times a day – lunch time, prime time and other bonus times throughout the day. Download our app and turn on the notifications so that you can shop the newest deals!

Why does your inventory sell out so quickly?

As an overstock company, we never know how many of each item we will receive. Sometimes we get several hundred and sometimes only one. Because we offer such great deals, our styles sell out really fast!

Why is my cart empty after commenting on Facebook?

  • Go to

  • Click “Login with Facebook” to set up your account and/or accept the permissions

  • Go back to Facebook and Re-comment SOLD on the post with your desired item

  • Go to to view your cart and finish checking out  

Can I cancel my order?

Once an order is placed it cannot be changed by the customer. However, if you make a mistake or the system glitches, we can issue a refund if we receive your request prior to the order entering the shipment phase – typically within a few hours. Please send an email immediately requesting your cancellation and include "CANCEL ORDER #" in the subject line along with your order number and reason for cancelling.

How does the waitlist work?

If an item is on your waitlist, that means it is currently sold out or it might be tied up in someone else’s cart at this time. If that person changes their mind or lets the item expire, it will go into the cart of the next person on the waitlist – which could be you! We can’t guarantee that an item will be re-stocked, so if you’re tired of waiting feel free to delete it from your waitlist. The best strategy, of course, is to pre-authorize the item, which bumps you to the top of the list if/when it is re-stocked!

How does pre-authorizing work?

By pre-authorizing an item on your waitlist, you are committing to pay for the item if/when it does become available to you. We can’t guarantee that the item will be restocked, but this is your best shot at getting one! You are not charged at the time you pre-authorize, but rather when the item becomes available. Once the order has been automatically created, we cannot cancel the order. Check your pre-authorized items often and if you change your mind about wanting an item, just delete it from your waitlist.

Do you have the same items in stores and online?

The items shown online may or may not be available in stores and vice versa. As an overstock company, our inventory moves fast but you can always find great deals either place!

How long do I have to complete a purchase?

All items will automatically expire from your cart after 2 hours. We recommend grabbing the good deals while you can!

Do you ever provide coupon codes?

Because we offer such low prices om boutique items already, we rarely provide coupons with additional discounts. In the special event that we do, we’ll announce it in our Facebook group and anyone with a registered account will be notified via email.

How do I change my payment method?

  • Open your Fashion Ten app

  • Add an item to your cart, even if it’s just temporary

  • When your payment methods become visible, tap “Edit”

How do gift cards work?

Take the code from your gift card email and click the red button at checkout to redeem it. Gift cards purchased online can only be used online, just as retail gift cards can only be used at retail locations.

Do you have franchise opportunities?

We are family-owned company and are not currently looking to franchise.

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