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Our Story

Fashion Ten is a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing trendy, boutique style clothing for an affordable price to woman of all ages! As a family, we work together to make sure all of our Fashion Ten fans experience an amazing shopping experience both in-stores and online! We do our best to provide excellent customer service while also bringing you the best deals possible! We are passionate about hunting down the most amazing deals and passing them along to our customers! 

The first store location opened in 2015 in Jefferson, GA. Since then, Fashion ten has expanded into several stores locations around metro Atlanta as well as expanding online through the Fashion Ten Online Facebook group. 

As a family, we are so grateful for our Fashion Ten fans! Each member of our family plays an essential role in bringing the amazing $10 deals to our Fashion Ten stores.  As a Fashion Ten Fan, you may have seen Makayla both in the stores and online promoting our amazing specials in stores. She does an amazing job of making sure that every Fashion Ten customer has an amazing experience while shopping in their favorite store! If you are an Fashion Ten Online shopper, you may have seen me, Rachel, going LIVE on Facebook with some of our amazing $10 deals! We both work alongside the rest of our family to continue to make Fashion Ten a fun place for woman of all ages! 

Our goal and desire is to continue to provide the items you ladies love at amazing prices!! Thank you for shopping with Fashion Ten!